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Obama Administration to Expand Funding to Drug Treatment Programs

On February 2, 2016, it was announced that President Obama would seek another $1.1 million in funding for drug treatment for addictions to opioid and heroin abuse. It will be an upcoming issue in the 2017 fiscal budget, and one that Bloomberg and Jon Urbana both predicted last year. Opioids and heroin have been found to be closely linked and people who suffer from chronic pain often turn to heroin because it’s more affordable and easier to access after a law enforcement crackdown on prescription drug abuse. Between 2002 and 2013 alone, heroin overdosage quadrupled.

However, the White House’s current director of national drug policy, Michael Botticelli has stated that there has been some progress both ways. Prescription drug abuse has decreased among the general adult population and a “leveling off” of heroin abuse.

The funding will include:

-Expanding treatment access to those addicted to opioids.

-$50 million will be pooled into the National Health Service Corps to expand access to over 700 treatment centers

-$30 million will go towards evaluation of those centers’ effectiveness

These programs are expected to expand with rural areas in mind.