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The Move For Healthier Eating For Pets

Passion for high quality, fresh meats that taste and smell as good as something that pet owners would put on their own table. That is what small premium dog food makers on are aiming for. These foods are good enough to eat. Not just by dogs, but by their owners as well. This is exactly how small premium dog food makers taste and test their foods.

These smaller dog food makers also shun off preservatives, make the foods to be refrigerated and put expiration dates on them. This is because they want every bite that each dog eats to be fresh and bursting with flavor. These companies are quickly rising in the dog food industry and seek to take over the cat food industry as well.

A once often neglected sector of premium dog foods, the gourmet fair is far from being rare. Companies like Purina have been producing their own variety of gourmet, fresh foods in the Beneful line for years. Beneful often leaner meats, fresher tastes and foods that every dog loves to eat and craves.

Healthy and fresh is what the smaller premium manufacturers are aiming their sites at. Lean meats and fresher taste have been around for years, but tastes that replicate human food are generally new. Beneful seek to bring the health food trend to your pet’s food dish.

What market research has found is that when the pet owner has a certain diet, they tend to overlap those same eating habits on to their pets. So the leaner meats, vegetables, and fresher foods that people are now consuming are what is fueling this new approach to pet food.

Beneful has been offering these types of choices to their consumers for a number of years. Beneful has fresher, healthier options can be found not only in their dry food line, but also in their wet foods, as well as in a full line of treats. Healthier dogs need a healthier diet, and lean meats, whole grains, and fresh vegetables are the way to get them.

Consumers seem to be agreeing with the direction pet food is taking as well. Even with the higher costs they are disappearing off of retailer shelves.

Four Delicious Dog Foods from Beneful

Beneful is a dog food brand owned by Nestle that was created in 2001. It has become very popular with dog-owners because of their attention to the needs of each pet. The brand has always focused on nutrition and putting quality ingredients into each and every product they create. Every item is checked diligently by employees and tested by veterinarians. This is why the Beneful brand has become the forth most bought dog food across the entire world. Below are just a few of the flavorful dog food varieties that Beneful offers.

Beneful Originals: This is Beneful’s most popular dry dog food product. It has three different flavors: chicken, beef and salmon. This variety of dog food is antioxidant-rich and filled with all the nutrition a dog needs to stay in good health. The kibble has a mixture of both crunchy and tender pieces that are made with corn, avocado, rice and carrots. There are limited amounts of sugar and salt.

Beneful Healthy: This is another dry food product by Beneful and is targeted to help dogs on that might need help in specific areas. Beneful Healthy: Weight helps heavier dogs lose weight, Beneful Healthy: Puppy gives younger dogs all the early stage nutrition they need to grow up strong, and Beneful Healthy: Playful Life is for older dogs who are having join problems or are just slowing down in general. The Healthy products also have a mixture of chewy and crunchy pieces that are flavored like chicken, beef, pork and salmon.

Beneful Chopped Blends: Chopped Blends is a tender wet food with chunks of real meat, whether it is beef, chicken or salmon, rice, carrots and tomatoes. This product from Beneful on facebook was made for those dogs who were having trouble eating the harder kibble or would have their stomach get upset from the ingredients being too dry. Dogs who also have jaw problems love this product because it breaks apart easily so eating isn’t a chore.

Beneful Medley: This is another wet food by Beneful which almost looks like a chucky soup. It has large pieces of meat, rice, carrots, peas and tomatoes all covered in a low sodium sauce. This is also another product which is great for dogs that have trouble eating the harder kibble or just as a nice treat. Medleys comes in three different flavors: Tuscan which has beef, Romana which has chicken and Mediterranean which has lamb.

Both My Sister And I Feed Our Pets Beneful

My sister and I both have dogs that we love and care for, and it’s funny how we compete over everything. We were walking our dogs one day and decided to let them go for a run together, and we got into a debate about how one dog was faster and stronger than the other. I asked my sister what she feeds her dog, and she gave me a dog food name that I was not familiar with. I asked her why didn’t she feed her dog Purina Beneful, and she looked at me as if I was crazy. I told her that I’d been feeding my dog Beneful for years, and it was a wholesome food, unlike many of the other dog foods out there. I told her to go onto her smartphone and look up the dog food she was feeding her pet, and funny enough; she could barely find any information about the dog food she was feeding to her dog. Not only was she embarrassed by the fact that her dog food was not a name brand, but she also couldn’t really tell me anything about it. I warned her to be careful of no-name dog foods that simply create a feed to fill a dog’s stomach because it could be dangerous for her pet. Even though she’s competitive, my sister decided to take my advice and switch the Beneful. My sister chat me on twitter the very next day and sent me a picture of a bag of Beneful that she had bought, and I couldn’t help but to laugh. I saw my sister and her dog a couple weeks later, and it’s crazy how much more energy her dog has now because he’s only eating Beneful. She also told me that she is feeding her dog treats from Beneful as well, and her dog can’t get enough of it. My sister and I do many things that are similar, even though we may compete with each other. One thing I’m glad she took my advice about is how to feed her pet, especially since she is now giving her dog Beneful.