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The career path of Dr. Mark McKenna that has led to him opening OVME

While completing his medical degree at Tulane Medical School, Dr. Mark McKenna realized that it would be difficult to make a sufficient income as a physician. As a result, he looked to go on to another field shortly after completing medical school. In 1999, Dr. Mark McKenna looked to build a real estate business so that he can establish long term wealth. Due to Hurricane Katrina, his business lost millions of dollars and he therefore had to rebuild his fortune. He would achieve this by investing in low priced homes and renting them out. Mark then moved to Atlanta, Georgia and opened up a business called ShapeMed which offered a number of cosmetic treatments such as Botox injections, laser hair removal and nutrition counseling. In 2015, Mark sold off the business and eventually started up a new venture known as OVME. This is an application that allows individuals to contact freelance Botox practitioners to provide injections on demand. It is known as the Uber of Botox treatment.

Dr. Mark McKenna decided to go on to business after medical school because he saw how his father was dealing with medical billing and reimbursement. Mark realized that his father was having difficulty collecting income in a timely manner and his practice was being negatively affected as a result. Due to this factor, Mark decided to invest in real estate during medical school.

In order to afford to invest in real estate as a student, Dr. Mark McKenna would work at prisons conducting physicals for a wage of $50 per hour. With the income he made at this, he would then use all of his income to acquire properties and take in the profits.

After completing medical school, Dr. Mark McKenna would work at his father’s general practice for five years. During this time, he would invest in more real estate and build a fortune. Real estate gave Mark a more fulfilling career because it allowed him to engage other parts of his brain and thinking.

Dr, McKenna would eventually start up OVME which would allow Botox patients a more convenient way of getting injections. The OVME venture would allow patients to contact OVME providers and then get their needed injections. This business venture has so far been a huge success for Mark.

Equities First Holdings Works For All Clients Across The UK

Clients in the UK are getting a lot of help from Equities First, and they are finding out that this company can get some extra funds for them to be sure that they are happy with their loan products. The loans that were made for this company are much easier to understand, and the loans are easy to come to terms on. Equities First understands how the UK market works, and they have studied it before opening their offices. These offices make it so much simpler for people to get the care that they need, and they have made it so much simpler for all those who have been needing faster loans.

The UK offices of Equities First Holdings are there to expand their network of financial branches. They serve people with loans that are much easier to pay off, and these loans are tailored to the UK customer base.

A Look at the Success Achieved by JHSF under the Leadership of Jose AuriemoNeto

Since commencing its operations in 1972, JHSF has proven to be a dominant entity in Brazil’s high-income real estate sector. The company boasts of significant operations in both the commercial and residential real estate market development, management and acquisition of luxury hotels, an international executive airport and shopping centers.

JHSF is well-known for its ability to spot and take advantage of emerging opportunities in most of its operating areas. Furthermore, being daring, innovative and pioneering as well as presenting sustainable solutions in all its projects are some of JHSF’s attributes. Over the years, JHSF has consolidated its business ventures in several Brazilian cities including Manaus, Sao Paolo and Salvador just to mention a few. The company also enjoys an international presence in various locations like New York, Punta del Este in Uruguay and Miami.

Over the years, JHSF has established various shopping centers including CidadeJardim, Bela Vista, Catarina Fashion Outlet and Ponta Negra. Additionally, the company has redirected the focus on its business operations towards the income area.

About Jose AuriemoNeto

Jose AuriemoNeto prides himself as the man behind the steering of one of the leading high-end real estate development companies in Brazil, JHSF Participacoeas SA. The company is renowned for its significant focus on the development of both commercial and residential reals estate properties across Brazil. Jose AuriemoNeto is in charge of overseeing all the company’s interests ranging from hotels, office buildings and public developments. Additionally, he runs JHSF’s extensive retail and shopping portfolio which consists of several shopping complexes like the Bela Vista situated in Salvador, CidadeJardim, and Metro Tucuruv among many others. To know more click here.

Jose Auriemo is mostly associated with overseeing JHSF’s first venture into the retail industry through the signing of partnership agreements with some of the leading retail brands like Jimmy Choo and Hermes. He also took part in the launching of the brands’ first outlets in CidadeJardim, a shopping complex owned by JHSF. In 1997, Jose AuriemoNeto founded JHSF’s service department through the creation of Parkbem, a parking lot management company. Furthermore, he is acknowledged for playing a significant role in the securing of the company’s rights to develop its first shopping complex, the Shopping Santa Cruz.

Jason Halpern: A True Real Estate Mogul

Real Estate is one of the most popular industries of the 21st Century. No matter where you go in the modern world, there will surely be some type of development going on. Whether it’s the development of homes, businesses, or corporations; real estate is big business. Have you ever heard of Jason Halpern? If you haven’t heard of this spectacular business man than let me to you that he’s a managing partner and founder of a very successful real estate development company. JMH Development is a third generation company with more than 50 years of experience in the game.


Jason Halpern may be young, but it’s his passion and tenacity which sets him apart from the field. He found his niche in in this exclusive line of work with building in specific historic districts. This can be a bit tricky as no one really want to disturb any historic area’s sacred grounds, but Mr. Halpern does his “due diligence” very well. He builds rapports on all of his projects which is a great way for respecting any historic area or community.


JMH Development has residential and commercial properties all across the nation and many are in major cities. The company specializes in creating luxury out of any building structure. The New York City Metropolitan Area has the Halpern family name stamped all over it. This prominent building company has built hundreds of astounding residential units/apartments through the City of New York and Westchester County, New York. Jason Halpern has an eclectic vision and seems to vision things that most others can’t. With his unique expertise in real estate development, JMH Development has helped to develop many million square feet commercial space that’s considered Class A.


The new Aloft South Beach Project in Miami, Florida was a huge success and JMH Development played a huge role. This project actually was the first brand new constructed hotel since 2009 that opened on the area’s exclusive South Beach. Being more contemporary, this hotel has much larger rooms than others in the area at an average size of 360 square feet. This 235 room hotel opened in the heart of South Beach in 2015 and was a mega hit. Features of this exclusive hotel is that it’s only minutes away from The Miami Beach Convention Center, close proximity to the hottest night clubs, and has a prime waterfront location. it offers a 24-Hour Fitness Center, Outdoor Pool, and a huge 2,349 square feet of space. The future of real state development is (JMH) and Jason Halpern is steering the ship to success.


Basket Ball Legend Wants To Build High End Apartments in Atlantic City

Shaquille O’Neal, better known as Shaq, partnered with the Boraie Development LLC to build high end lofts and apartments in Atlantic city. The duo wants to build “The Beach at South Inlet” apartment complex near the empty Revel Casino, and they were originally granted the loan but its now being reconsidered by the RDA. The $61 million apartment complex is not in question or are the two who are looking to help revitalize the area, so what’s the hold up? The initial review of the loan comes from the RDA’s concerns over the depleting community after the $30 million loan was given to Shaq and Boraie back in March of 2013. The Revel Casino was the first business to close its doors then the Showboat closed shop and now the Trump Taj Mahal is barely keeping its footing.

With the better part of the South Inlet being almost completely vacant the RDA wants to reevaluate if building this expensive and expansive apartment complex is in the city’s best interest financially. So far they’ve decided to extend their deadline for a decision so they can continue to mull over the details while Shaq and the Boraie Development LCC patiently await the final decision.

The Boraie Development company has been helping cities all over the North Atlantic coast of the United States for years by building and managing commercial and residential real estate. By focusing on urban areas in places like New Brunswick and Atlantic City the Boraie family has been able to revitalize areas and revamp their buildings which has created an interest for businesses to open up shop. Once business begin laying down roots the number of jobs increases thus boosting the city’s economy and giving residents more job options. As the population grows the need for apartment buildings ascends as well which is when the Boraie group steps in with their modern luxury apartment buildings.

Over the last thirty years the Boraie group has made a name for themselves in the field of business and commercial real estate along the Atlantic coast. Currently they are one of the most sought after firms in the state of New Jersey, and are well known for using their own capital as well as commercial capital from commercial banks to help fund their projects. All of their development projects are drafted, built, and managed by the Boraie Development LLC to ensure a consistent high standard.

Learn about Wasseem Boraie

iFunding’s CEO, William Skelley, Becomes a Member of the Next Generation of Real Estate Leaders

Recently, William Skelley, Founder of iFunding, was awarded the membership of the Next Generation of Real Estate Leaders. The Next Generation of Real Estate Leaders plans to hold their first yearly dinner, which will be hosted at the Columbus Citizens Foundation in New York City.

On his blog William Skelley describes establishing iFunding in July 2012. After a year of operation and service provision, the Crowdfunding Avenue had garnered $19 million worth of real estate investments. Prior establishing iFunding, William Skelley worked at Rose Park Advisors, where he was the chief advisor. He oversaw the business development practices of the company as well as evaluating the investment capabilities of firms with the potential of altering the current market. Apart from the Rose Park Advisors, he was also part of the General Electric, Olympus and offered advice to numerous start-ups. Consequently, Skelley boasts of experience in alternative investments, venture capital, and asset management.

The iFunding platform allows its accredited investors to invest in any investment opportunity provided by the iFunding website through a minimum of $5000.Most of the investment opportunities presented by iFunding would be out of reach for various investors without the crowdfunding platform. Through its application, which is available for both iOS and Android users, investors can keep a keen watch of their investment. Further, the application is secure in that it safeguards any dealings conducted by a respective investor.

Michael Stoler, Madison Realty Capital’s Managing Director, is the organizer for the invited-guests only association. Stoler is also the host of the NY’s Business Report, which is a television show that has produced fifteen seasons and is devoted to the business and real estate trends present in the tri-state area.

Invitation to the Stoler Report

In addition, Stoler invited Michael Skelley to take part in one episode of the Stoler Report, which is scheduled to air in 2016’s spring season. Together with a panel, which includes Paul Braungart, the former iFunding Sponsor, and Founder of Regional Capital Group, they will analyze the growth and development of the commercial real estate.

Other Named Members of the Next Generation of Real Estate Leaders

Apart from William Skelley, other individuals from leading real estate firms were awarded the membership of the Next Generation of Real Estate Leaders. The members belonged to various firms such as Kushner Companies, Carlyle Group, CIT, Cushman and Wakefield, Merrill Lynch and the Bank of America.  CNBC has more information on iFunding, and crowdfunding platforms in general.