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The Litigation Process And An Overview Of Karl Heideck

The Litigation Process And An Overview Of Karl Heideck

The Litigation Process And An Overview Of Karl HeideckLitigation is the process of enforcing or defending a legal right between two opposing parties. A litigator facilitates the process of litigation. The primary role of a litigator is to solve the case through an agreement between the two sides.

However, if the case is not resolved, the two parties decide to take the case to trial in court. They represent defendants and plaintiffs in civil cases and facilitate all the stages of the litigation process. For one to become a certified litigator, he/she must have an undergraduate degree, Juris Doctor and have passed the bar exam.

The litigation process involves some activities done before, during and after a lawsuit. Pre-negotiations, arbitrations, facilitations and appeals are also part of the litigation process.

The process begins with the presentation of pleadings which explain each party’s side of the dispute. Then the two parties undergo a discovery stage where the two parties gather information from each other and any third party. Then they go through the trial where they present shreds of evidence in support of their claims. During the trial, a judgment is made, and the party dissatisfied may present an appeal.

Karl Heideck is a talented compliance and risk management litigator in Greater Philadelphia area. With over ten years’ experience in the field, he bears skills in legal writing, product liability, corporate law, employment law, commercial litigation and legal research. His educational background indicates that he is full of skills and expertise. He first started at Swarthmore College where he studied English and Literature. Karl Heideck later joined the Tempe University Beasley school law for his Bachelor’s degree.

His career kicked off at Conrad O’Brien as an associate. He represented corporate and individuals in complex and commercial litigation such as toxic tort defense, government investigations, SEC receivership, and white collar criminal defense, banking, and subprime litigation.

He left Conrad O’Brien and joined Pepper Hamilton LLP as a project attorney. At the firm, he was involved in activities such as reviewing materials for fact investigation, government investigation, bankruptcy restructuring, and pharmaceutical litigation. In August 2014 he left the firm and joined Hire Counsel as a Contract Attorney where he reviews materials for complex securities fraud and banking litigation.