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Kabbalah Centre, the Supplement to Religion

Founded in 1965 by Philip Berg, Kabbalah Centre is a registered non-profit organization with its headquarters based in Los Angeles, California. It has over fifty branches worldwide. Kabbalah Centre offers courses on both Zohar and Kabbalistic teachings to its global student fraternity.

The institution aims at providing Kabbalah teachings and insight for those that lack the background knowledge of Hebrew and Jewish text. It views all religious belief systems as divisions of universal wisdom. Also, Kabbalah is seen as a supplement to religion rather than an alternative. Zohar, from its study, shows how the universe is interconnected and its relationship to man. The study of Kabbalah reveals how people ought to be concerned with their relationship with the essence of God referred in its teachings as Light. Secondly, it shows the relation of the study and man’s five senses. It argues out that the five senses can only access 1% of reality while its study allows for access to the remaining 99%.

Moreover, Kabbalah Centre teaches the Kabbalistic concept of Klippot. The reasoning behind this is that everyone has a direct and defined connection to the spiritual world of the Light. It further reveals that this channel of connection is hindered by Klippot, which restricts the spiritual energy from entering the physical body. Hence, through Kabbalistic teachings, one removes this barrier. Besides, the Centre believes in astrology linked to Judaism. It believes that cosmic forces affect everything and their understanding proves valuable to students of Kabbalah.

The Kabbalah Centre invites all applications from the students worldwide irrespective of tribe, culture, colour, and age. The kabbalistic principle has brought an illumination to the world that religion is not supposed to bind but to give freedom of understanding the divinities that surround life. Kabbalah believes in a divine being, who is the creator and sustainer of all forces in the universe.


Studying Online At The Kabbalah Centre

Learning online has become increasingly popular. Today, students can study dozens of subjects all from the comfort of their own home. No need to leave the house to study. This is even true of studying subjects such as Torah and Kabbalah. Those who wish to learn such texts and study with Jewish masters of learning have traditionally had to come to specialized learning centers in order to study such materials. However, people who want to study Kabbalah are surprised to learn that they need not live near a center of Kabbalah in order to study this subject. They can go online and discover an entire world of texts that awaits them. Studying online has many important advantages for the student.

Ease Of Learning

The learner may not have enough time in the day to set aside a few hours for Kabbalah study. With the help of the Kabbalah Centre, she can quickly find some time here and there in order to study this subject. No need to go directly to the centre if she has lots of young children and finds herself very busy during the day. The same is true of the person who has a job that means they need to travel a lot during the week. They may not be near a centre for long periods of time. This doesn’t matter. They can still logon to the site and engage in important study.

Learning At Their Own Pace

Learning online also allows the person studying to learn it at their own pace. They don’t need to follow along with others and perhaps find they do not understand a given text. Instead, they can study at their own pace online. The centre offers help for those studying online as well, allowing them to explore a given text to their satisfaction online and then come back to it as necessary in order to fully understand what the sages in question have chosen to tell them. Thus, learning Kabbalah online can be just as satisfying as learning it in person at one of many Kabbalah Centres across the United States.


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