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Jason Hope Helps Plan the Future

When people think about the future and what it holds when it comes to daily life, they often think about the technology of smart phones and similar devices. The idea that our cell phones will be able to control things like alarm clocks and light switches are not far off from reality. The Internet of Things is a notion that anything embedded with electronics, sensors, and software will be able to connect and exchange data. Jason Hope, entrepreneur and future enthusiast, is a strong believer in such ideas. He believes that The Internet of Things has the capability to transform daily life by doing things like syncing in real time with vehicles, give better traffic updates, and even control aspects of our home and to know more click here.

Jason Hope is an native Arizonan entrepreneur who’s main specialty lies in the field of technology. People often rely on him to predict future trends in this area because he sees prospects when others do not. He received his degree in finance as well as an MBA from Arizona State University. After graduating, Jason Hope started up a mobile communications company but now focuses more on giving back to the community.

An example of Hope’s philanthropy can be seen with the SENS Foundation. This foundation focuses on anti aging, not just for looks but to create a better quality of life for individuals all across the world. The main component that sets this foundation apart from many other medical researchers, is that they take a preventative approach. Unlike many other medical professionals who look for cures, instead of the root cause. Jason Hope has a personal connection and desire to help people through the research done with the SENS foundation. He has already donated over half a million dollars in research funding in order to create a new lab in Cambridge where actual testing can be done. The contributions made with SENS are one of many that he has done throughout the past few years and he has no plans to stop any time soon.



Slyce is a Canadian company that is publicly traded and has been in the visual search industry for some time. It provides visual search solutions to its consumer’s using a plethora of apps available in various app stores and desktop versions for most mainstream browsers. It has developed highly secret technology that allows it to display near instant results of product searches. Customers can search any product and be directed to its location on the web. It has attracted the attention of big retailers online including Home Depot, J C Penney, Tilly’s, Marcus and Neiman.

It makes its money through monetizing of search traffic, selling the rights to that specific software, advertisements and data analytics. It is a pretty solid business model that has allowed it to grow fast.

Slyce recently announced a new contract with a Fortune 500 toy manufacturing company. It is for a new visual search product that will see it deploy its technology to sell the business’s products. Slyce is expected to double its revenue from the arrangement.

Slyce CEO while speaking at the event also announced a new product to be called Slyce Link. It is a revolutionary proprietary technology that takes visual search to a whole new level. It uses advanced visual search and simulation to display similar products in a customer’s shopping screen. It does this at critical times during the shopping experience to reduce cart abandonment by customers. It was motivated by a recent research that showed up to 85% of customers will abandon a cart due to one reason or another. It seeks to reduce that number considerably. The service is integrated into the shopping experience and is expected to act as a guide in that experience, It aims to make it as smooth as possible. It uses complicated algorithms to make a consumer aware of other products on sale.

One of its offerings is the ability to replace a product in a cart that is out of stock with another. It allows a consumer to get a similar same size product. The CEO gave the example of a red shoe number 7 that is out of stock. A customer is redirected to a new similar product. It also can email a user who abandoned his cart when its back and display find similar and show me similar buttons.