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How to Excel in Wikipedia Editing

The Wikipedia is one of the resourceful and comprehensive online encyclopedias. It has over 3 million English articles that have been so helpful for research and education, which were written by Wikipedia writers. Many business and entrepreneurs have utilized this platform to enhance their online presence and market their products. It is the most readily available and accessible source of information. This may probably come as a surprise to you; at the comfort of your smart phone or computer, you can edit any page on Wikipedia. This involves correction of typing errors and grammatical mistakes. It is time for you to enjoy this amazing experience of making the world a better place through information.

You can edit Wikipedia page immediately after visiting the page, this is made possible by free software MediaWiki, but creating an account is recommendable. Having a user account ensures privacy and security is maintained. It enables you to keep a record of your editing history and other important aids in editing are available. Upon clicking the edit button found in every Wikipedia page, the text automatically, get displayed on an editable text area. Replace a misspelt word with correct version of it and click the ‘Show Preview’ button’ for reviewing, once satisfied you can hit the ‘Save this Page’ button and the changes will be effected.

It is important to make minor editing such as correcting texts that do not make sense. This is the point where, possessing a user account is revealed since the ‘minor edit’ button appears when you are logged in. Once change is made, your page will be listed in the Wikipedia recent changes. In case of scientific pages, maintaining originality and crediting the source of information through citations is appropriate. Wikipedia strongly advocates for inline citation, various aids inbuilt within Wikipedia make citation easy. RefToolbar is a JavaScript toolbar found on top of the edit box, it enables you to insert citations on the tags.

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