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YouTubers Most Visited Channels

Some YouTube channels have a huge following. They literally attract billions of viewers through the year. This is an astonishing statistic. Even more surprising, the channels attracting the most views are not celebrity channels. They are regular people that simply share their interest on a wide range of topics or make very virile videos. When you need a break at work, try checking out some of those top viral videos. The majority of YouTube fans check out the videos on the site several times a day or more. Wondering about the top channels? Let’s review a few.

YouTube Spotlight
Well, you can’t look at the favorite channels without mentioning YouTube Spotlight. This is the site’s own buzz network. They let the visitors know about the top videos spotlighted on the site. The average person might assume that this channel is number one. Well, the surprising fact is that it is not number one currently. It is in the number 3 spot.

This is a comedy channel that is rated number two. He has over 25 million subscribers and thousands join the channel everyday.

His real name is Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg. PewDiePie is the number one channel on YouTube. The Swedish based YouTuber devotes his channels to video game playing. His Let’s Play videos are famous. Basically, he shares game playing with his growing league of fans on the channel. PewDiePie is also a Major supporter of indie games.

Wengie, a famous Australian YouTuber
Wengie is the Creator of the Wonderful World of Wengie on Beauty Trends and a famous Australian YouTuber. Wengie has always had a special interest in skin care, beauty, and fashion. She decided to start a channel that was dedicated to her special interest and share her tips with others. Many might wonder about her personal inspirations. She confesses that she is inspired by life around here everyday.

Wengie is considered a marketing expert too. Certainly, her skills have driven her viral videos on YouTube to the top. The entrepreneur has also written for several well known publications. Currently, Wengie works daily on her YouTube Channel, The Wonderful World of Wengie. The fact is that her beauty channel remains one of the top beauty channels in Australia. She has also lent her talent to several recognized brands in the beauty and fashion industry. However, her deepest passion is creating YouTube channels to share her beauty and fashion knowledge.