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Kim Dao Has Big Laughs And Big Fun With Fellow Youtubers

Kim Dao starts her video at the Lotte hotel located in Myeongdong. It is day 4 of the program. Kim Dao and other Youtubers are preparing to learn how to be a hotelian. They will learn about the hotel and how the staff perform their job duties. She didn’t get any sleep last night because she was up worrying about losing her hard drive. Kim Dao gets a makeover to resemble the look of an hotelian. Learn more:


Kim Dao is back in her hotel room. She is going to have lunch with some of the supporters of the event. They have a free day and she is waiting for Faye to come back from her schedule. They are going shopping together. Kim Dao gets her money card for Korea transit line. She explains how it works and the benefits. She has lunch. They buy umbrellas because it is raining. She is now shopping with Faye but they stop to take a break because it is raining outside. It is a lot of police in the area. They head back to the hotel. Kim Dao is hanging out in Faye’s room to let her phone charge. Her hard drive is found. It is a parade going on. Learn more:


Kim goes back to her room after dinner. She received some presents from the hotel program. They gave her some snacks, noodles and makeup. She is going back to Faye’s room to chill before Karaoke starts. She does Karaoke with other Youtubers. It is late but everyone is hungry. They have some Korean chicken. Kim Dao is back in her room and she is exhausted. Learn more:


Youtube video here.