End Citizen United: Conor Lamb Should Vie for the Congress

     Conor Lamb is an American politician who is bringing change in the large country. The businessman has always had an interest in politics, and he is looking forward to grab a top position in America. At the moment, Conor is expected to run for a position in the Congress. According to news published by a popular television station, Lamb will be representing the Democrats in his district, and he is doing all he can so that he can acquire the respected position. The politician has been receiving support from the young and old in the recent times.

Just recently, Lamb was in the process of completing an interview with one of the leading platforms in America when something happened. Ted Skowvron walked from his seat and came forward to shake the hand of the politician. Ted is one of the few veterans of the Second World War, and he is currently ninety years old. Lamb was impressed by the simple gesture, and he shook the hand of the veteran with respect. Afterwards, he asked him where he was serving during the war. According to Ted, he was a ball gunner in the war, and he was mostly in the European theater. However, Ted was not interested in discussing his many years in service. His primary aim was the new president of America, Donald Trump.

The veteran seems to be disappointed by the Trump administration. While speaking to Lamb, Ted asked the upcoming politician to get into the Congress and help in kicking the president out. The veteran has even promised to come down to do the necessary if Lamb is not able to accomplish this task. Ted is not new in American politics. For many years now, he has been respected as a vocal Democrat and who has done so much for his nation. Conor will have numerous responsibilities when he is appointed to the Congress in the upcoming elections. Democrats are looking forward to bring an end to the new American presidency.

End Citizen United is a renowned PAC that is based in America. The organization was established several months ago, and its main aim is to stop black money in American politics. The institution has been supporting Democrats who are not corrupt to acquire positions in the market, and they recently approved the appointment of Conor to the Congress. End Citizen United has announced that it is prepared to make an impact in the lives of the American citizens.

For additional information, please go to http://www.motherjones.com/politics/2011/05/james-bopp-citizens-united/.

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