End Citizens United Makes Big Waves Across America

End Citizens United is an organization that has managed to make considerable progress in working towards establishing a better government in the United States. The organization has received widespread support from numerous people all over the country who want to bring about change and help towards it. The organization has managed to raise a right amount, which is all used for their fight against these unjust people and policies. Within the first three months of the organization opening up to the public, the group collected approximately four million dollars. The organization aims to be able to have a total of thirty-five million dollars by the mid point of the 2018 elections.


End Citizens United is an organization that was built to change the current state of the government in the United States. The organization was formed with the aim of working towards undoing the damage that was caused to the American Society when the act of Citizens United was passed. Passed by the Supreme Court, independent parties and business owners could not invest into political groups, without having to account for the expenditure. This ruling naturally gave way to some corrupt practices within the political parties. For starters, political parties became a sort of money laundering and tax evasion system, whereby companies could give them their money, and not have to pay tax on it. In addition, it also led to some companies investing into these political parties either for favors or for positions in the party itself.


The effect of the ruling can be seen among certain leaders of the Republican Party who are now in positions of power, after donating large sums of money to the party. These people may not have the qualification to be in these posts in the government, but Citizens United has enabled them to do so without being questioned and without having to disclose their donations to the public.


End Citizens United was founded by a group of grassroots level entrepreneurs who wanted to give people a medium through which they could voice their opinions and bring about change. With the way the government currently works, a lot of people believe that their needs will not be met with unless they have a lot of money or are already in a position of power. The organization is working to establish transparency between the people and the governments so that the people can once again have a say in the way the country functions.


The organization identifies with the Democratic party and sees them as a better political party to be in power. The organization sees eye to eye with certain ideologies that the Democratic party puts forward which is why it has been in support of them since the very beginning.


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