Equities First Holdings: A Closer look at Equities First Holdings

Equities First Holdings is an organization which was established 16 years ago. The organization offers its clients a variety of expertise financial solutions. In addition, First Equity also offers capital as well as various stock options.

Within the fiscal year 2014, Equities First Holdings had handled various business transactions which exceeded 2 billion dollars. It could never be argued that the company has succeeded in helping organizations and individuals secure wise investment choices within the financial marketplace. Both business as well as individual investors have benefited greatly from the services that Equities First Holdings have provided.

Equities First Holdings also has branch offices in Australia and China. The company has roughly 75 employees at the present time. In addition, information concerning the organization and their practices can be found on Linkedin, Twitter as well as Facebook. Additional information can be found at www.equitiesfirstholdings.com.

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