Eric Pullier – Father, Entrepreneur, Author, and Philanthropist

In his 49 years of life, Eric Pullier has managed to become a successful author, philanthropist, and entrepreneur. He is the cause of over 15 companies success as he has raised hundreds of millions to support businesses he started.

Eric Pullier, a Harvard Graduate, started his entrepreneurial journey in 1991 with the launching of People Doing Things(PDT), a company that approached issues such as education and healthcare through technology. It wouldn’t be too long after the launching PDT that Pullier would create something else, as 3 years later he would launch Digital Evolution. From there he would go on to become founder and co-founder of many other successful business ventures. US Interactive, Media Platform, Akana, Desktone, ServiceMesh, and the Enterprise Cloud Leadership Council are just a few of the businesses that line his portfolio.

To add to Eric’s already amazing resume, Pullier is an active investor who frequently invests in technology and media startups. Eric’s investments in these companies usually result in their financial success.

Pullier is an active Philanthropist and most of his Philanthropic activities involve the solving of problems of underprivileged communities through technology. Pullier is a financial donor to numerous organizations including ACE Foundation, XPRIZE Foundation, and the Campaign for Free College Tuition.

Eric is a truly innovative individual and has not paved the way for his success, but also the success of many others. His contributions to society have made a big impact on those in need, especially children. His efforts will continue and never go unnoticed.

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