Greg Secker Helps People See Their Worth

Greg Secker is the founder of The Greg Secker Foundation and he owns a hedge fund and a brokerage firm. He is a globally well-known philanthropist, entrepreneur, and a motivational speaker. Greg was born in England and became a multi-millionaire in his twenties.

The Greg Secker Foundation helps people learn how to be a successful entrepreneur and achieve financial freedom. In a recent interview, Greg pointed out he has always been a guy who says yes to trying new things and then figuring out the details as he went along.

Greg did not start out in the financial industry. He says he became a computer geek first but decided to attend a job fair where he met employees of the Thomas Cook Financial Services company. They found a mutual interest and offered him a job working on the currency trading floor where he created a virtual trading desk area.

Greg converted traders’ strategies into coding that went into a computer program. Working in this field, he saw how profitable trading could be. He borrowed money and within a year, he more than tripled his investment. Greg said that to be successful in trading, his principle is to remain disciplined, strategy driven, and to stay on the path of your trading plan.

Mr. Secker further outlined his Foundation’s mission which is to empower young people with early life skills so that they never have to look back wondering where their lives took a negative turn. He sponsors Youth Leadership Summit meetings all around the world. In the Philippines, he has helped to rebuild communities that Typhoon Haiyan destroyed in 2013.

Greg Secker has been named to the board of Ambassadors for City Philanthropy in the UK. Becoming a member of the board allows him to talk to businesses about using philanthropy as their core operating model rather than throwing money at. Using philanthropic principles helps businesses operate better because the staff is happier and your business as bigger footprint on the world.

Mr. Greg Secker has placed much of his strategies in his book entitled Financial Freedom Through Forex. The book is an easy guide through the currency markets including strategies to show people how to make money immediately. His other plans for publishing will be about conjoining philanthropic principles into your business and making it a daily model.

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