Hippos are Back at the Dallas Zoo Thanks to HCM’s James Dondero

Thanks to the efforts of Human Capital Management’s CEO, James Dondero, Dallas Zoo is now complete. James partnered with Zoo officials over the course of many years to create a picture-perfect dream home for the Zoo’s beloved celebrity Hippos, Adhama and Boipelo.


The new exhibit is more than two acres large, includes fresh, circulating water, soft grain sand, natural surroundings and a monorail line located above the pools. Visitors can now see the hippos without disturbing them. Dallas citizens have been waiting almost two decades for the Zoo to bring back these mesmerizing animals. The Zoo’s previous hippo resident passed away in 2001 – his name was Papa and he left behind no offspring.


It is difficult relocating hippos because they quickly adapt to a lifestyle and surroundings and so the new habitat had to be perfect and one with an unobtrusive visitor setting. To achieve this, the Zoo needed approximately $14 million and they were fortunate to find investment expert James Dondero. James founded HCM in the early 1990s. HCM helps investors from around the globe obtain credit solutions – but also focuses on giving back to the communities in which they’re located – and that is how Dondero helped Adhama and his female companion Boipelo find a fantastic new home at the Dallas Zoo. Adhama was previously located in Los Angeles, while Biopelo hails from Albuquerque. The Zoo hopes that after they settle into their new habitat and get comfortable with each other, they may breed future hippos for the Zoo and their visitors to learn from and enjoy.


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