IAP Worldwide: Finding Solutions To Complex Challenges Anywhere Troops Are Marching

IAP Worldwide Services furnishes facilities management, logistical, professional and technical services to governments and commercial customers, although they primarily provide services to the United States Department of Defense. The company likes to say that “Wherever US troops are marching, IAP Worldwide Services is there to support them.”

Innovation is extremely important when providing solutions to complex challenges for government and commercial clients whose operations span the globe. IAP Worldwide Services has built secure camps for troops and safe housing for employees of corporations that operate in demanding foreign environments. IAP’s international teams will handle purchasing, warehousing and logistics for clients, as well as providing power systems, disaster relief, aviation solutions and communication systems.  Learn more about IAP Worldwide Services: https://www.iapws.com/

To expand their suite of services, IAP recently acquired DRS Technologies, Inc.’s aviation and communication businesses, which the company will combine into a new business unit called Aviation & Engineering Solutions. Other DRS Technologies capabilities will supplement IAP’s National Security Programs business unit.

Once known as International American Products, Inc, the Cape Canaveral, Florida-based company changed their name to IAP in 2005. The defense contractor started out as a generator supplier for the United States army supplier and now they hold government contracts valued at several hundred millions of dollars. Learn more about IAP Worldwide Services: https://www.glassdoor.com/Jobs/IAP-Worldwide-Services-Jobs-E39430.htm

In June of this year, IAP won a contract worth more than $15 million with the U.S. Navy. The company will provide support services at the Naval Air Station in Patuxent River, Maryland. IAP was awarded a contract to help support the Department of Defense’s Counter Narcotics and Global Threats Operations as well.

The contract, worth $975 million, allows IAP to furnish aviation and mission support to the worthy cause of reducing global threats, including drug trafficking and piracy. Read more: IAP Worldwide Services jobs at Careerbuilder.com

IAP Worldwide Services prides itself on exceeding client’s expectations. Team members go above and beyond to achieve their objectives, using ingenuity to perform seemingly impossible feats. While there are other government contractors that offer similar services, IAP sets itself apart by having 60 years of experience in the industry and by encouraging creativity in its employees, as long as they act with integrity. IAP has a code of ethics that all employees must follow, no matter where they operate.

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