iFunding’s CEO, William Skelley, Becomes a Member of the Next Generation of Real Estate Leaders

Recently, William Skelley, Founder of iFunding, was awarded the membership of the Next Generation of Real Estate Leaders. The Next Generation of Real Estate Leaders plans to hold their first yearly dinner, which will be hosted at the Columbus Citizens Foundation in New York City.

On his blog William Skelley describes establishing iFunding in July 2012. After a year of operation and service provision, the Crowdfunding Avenue had garnered $19 million worth of real estate investments. Prior establishing iFunding, William Skelley worked at Rose Park Advisors, where he was the chief advisor. He oversaw the business development practices of the company as well as evaluating the investment capabilities of firms with the potential of altering the current market. Apart from the Rose Park Advisors, he was also part of the General Electric, Olympus and offered advice to numerous start-ups. Consequently, Skelley boasts of experience in alternative investments, venture capital, and asset management.

The iFunding platform allows its accredited investors to invest in any investment opportunity provided by the iFunding website through a minimum of $5000.Most of the investment opportunities presented by iFunding would be out of reach for various investors without the crowdfunding platform. Through its application, which is available for both iOS and Android users, investors can keep a keen watch of their investment. Further, the application is secure in that it safeguards any dealings conducted by a respective investor.

Michael Stoler, Madison Realty Capital’s Managing Director, is the organizer for the invited-guests only association. Stoler is also the host of the NY’s Business Report, which is a television show that has produced fifteen seasons and is devoted to the business and real estate trends present in the tri-state area.

Invitation to the Stoler Report

In addition, Stoler invited Michael Skelley to take part in one episode of the Stoler Report, which is scheduled to air in 2016’s spring season. Together with a panel, which includes Paul Braungart, the former iFunding Sponsor, and Founder of Regional Capital Group, they will analyze the growth and development of the commercial real estate.

Other Named Members of the Next Generation of Real Estate Leaders

Apart from William Skelley, other individuals from leading real estate firms were awarded the membership of the Next Generation of Real Estate Leaders. The members belonged to various firms such as Kushner Companies, Carlyle Group, CIT, Cushman and Wakefield, Merrill Lynch and the Bank of America.  CNBC has more information on iFunding, and crowdfunding platforms in general.

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