Igor Cornelsen: A Man With Knowledge Of The Foreign Markets

Igor Cornelsen is a former accountant, financial executive and advisor, and entrepreneur who has worked for some of Brazil’s most prominent banks. He’s made a name for himself with his ability to read the trends of foreign markets, and helping many investors make wise decisions with their foreign investments as well as domestic stocks and other funds. Cornelsen has been interviewed with many business news networks and is currently a consultant for Bainbridge Investments Inc. Cornelsen doesn’t just offer advice to affluent clients, he has given guidance to smaller investment clients and newcomers to the stock market. When Cornelsen isn’t advising, he’s out golfing.

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Whether you’re investing in commodities or foreign exchange…

Igor Cornelsen’s chief philosophy is to not play the stock markets like slot or poker games, but more like an actual sports game where you need a comprehensive strategy with a game plan. There are multiple tips he’s offered for this, but one tip is to start out with smaller dollar investments to avoid putting the eggs all in one basket. That way investments can accrue interest over time, and by making multiple small investments, you could offset any losses in one investment by gains in another. Another tip he offers is to look at the history of any company you plan to invest in, such as how much management has overturned since its founding, and whether or not they’ve had a steady history of strong performance. Because while new startup companies can have an allure, the risks associated with these stocks are much higher.

Igor Cornelsen encourages investors to consider placing their portfolio in Brazil. Cornelsen does not do this merely out of a sense of patriotism to the country, but because he is familiar with a very diverse economy that’s ripe with agriculture, manufacturing, fortune 500 companies, and so many other options for investing. Cornelsen does have some key points to investing in Brazil that can be a guide to new investors. One point is to pay attention to Joaqin Levy, the new Finance Minister of Brazil to see how his policies are going to affect the economic climate of the country. Another point is to take a look at the devaluation of Brazil’s currency, a steady decline that’s expected to open up the door to Brazil’s manufacturing exports becoming more profitable. And Cornelsen urges investors to take a look at China because the trajectory of their trading and commodity prices will also have an effect on Brazil’s exports.

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