Jason Halpern: A True Real Estate Mogul

Real Estate is one of the most popular industries of the 21st Century. No matter where you go in the modern world, there will surely be some type of development going on. Whether it’s the development of homes, businesses, or corporations; real estate is big business. Have you ever heard of Jason Halpern? If you haven’t heard of this spectacular business man than let me to you that he’s a managing partner and founder of a very successful real estate development company. JMH Development is a third generation company with more than 50 years of experience in the game.


Jason Halpern may be young, but it’s his passion and tenacity which sets him apart from the field. He found his niche in in this exclusive line of work with building in specific historic districts. This can be a bit tricky as no one really want to disturb any historic area’s sacred grounds, but Mr. Halpern does his “due diligence” very well. He builds rapports on all of his projects which is a great way for respecting any historic area or community.


JMH Development has residential and commercial properties all across the nation and many are in major cities. The company specializes in creating luxury out of any building structure. The New York City Metropolitan Area has the Halpern family name stamped all over it. This prominent building company has built hundreds of astounding residential units/apartments through the City of New York and Westchester County, New York. Jason Halpern has an eclectic vision and seems to vision things that most others can’t. With his unique expertise in real estate development, JMH Development has helped to develop many million square feet commercial space that’s considered Class A.


The new Aloft South Beach Project in Miami, Florida was a huge success and JMH Development played a huge role. This project actually was the first brand new constructed hotel since 2009 that opened on the area’s exclusive South Beach. Being more contemporary, this hotel has much larger rooms than others in the area at an average size of 360 square feet. This 235 room hotel opened in the heart of South Beach in 2015 and was a mega hit. Features of this exclusive hotel is that it’s only minutes away from The Miami Beach Convention Center, close proximity to the hottest night clubs, and has a prime waterfront location. it offers a 24-Hour Fitness Center, Outdoor Pool, and a huge 2,349 square feet of space. The future of real state development is (JMH) and Jason Halpern is steering the ship to success.


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