Lori Senecal Nears Retirement

It’s not easy for a high-ranking corporate officer to simply retire. The average person only worries what to do after retirement. For high-ranking corporate officers, there’s the issue of finding a replacement that will continue to uphold the company’s standards. That’s the problem Lori Senecal is facing today.

Lori plans on retiring at the end of this year. She’s worked with CP+B since 2015. While that doesn’t seem like a long time, she’s worked for numerous other companies before CP+B. Even after joining CP+B, she held many high-ranking positions at the company. She began as the company’s President and CEO and was later named Global CEO.

Though she’s only been with the company a few years, she turned CP+B into an internationally known ad agency. She’s an expert at introducing new technology and business strategies that maximize growth. Thanks to her reconstruction of the company’s infrastructure, CP+B is as agile as a startup. You can visit cpbgroup to see more.

The same year she joined the company is the same year she landed the American Airlines account. That doesn’t sound like a big deal, but American Airlines always worked with TM Advertising. For 25 years, the two remained partners until Lori Senecal snagged the account for CP+B.

It’s that kind of exceptional performance that makes Lori Senecal such an indispensable colleague. According to the company’s founder, Chuck Porter, Lori’s made the agency a smarter company. Words like effective and brilliant perfectly describe her leadership. As the end of the year gets closer, CP+B feels the dark clouds above. For more details visit Bloomberg.

Luckily, Lori announced her retirement early enough that it’s giving her and Porter the chance to prepare for it. Though they continue moving the company forward, they’re mostly focused on building the next generation of leadership. It’s important that they pick the right people so that the transition is smooth.

Lori’s paid extra attention to Danielle Aldrich. She helped Lori land the American Airlines account. Aldrich’s performance is earning her a lot of attention. She recently spoke at 3% conference.

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