Freedom Checks – The Highest Paying Investment Program

Freedom Checks is a term that was created by Matt Badiali in the year 2006. Although this program is not run by the government, some people still believe it is a federal program. Without the federal law that is recognized as Statute 26-F, the Freedom Checks free of tax opportunity of investment would not exist.

According to Matt Badiali, this opportunity may be the biggest chance to grab cash in the history of our existence. Depending how much you invest, the more cash that will be returned to your hands. There are no age restrictions as to how old you have to be, anyone of any age can invest in this chance of a lifetime. Regardless of your financial situation, Freedom Checks is still a live opportunity for even the most poor to make some life-changing money in return. As little as ten dollars will bring you a pretty nice return on investment. Many people try to compare Matt Badiali’s program to social security or medicare, but this opportunity is far greater and has higher pay-out rates. Read this article at Money Morning.

Freedom Checks program is expected to pay out around $34.6 billion dollars, just due to investors in a time span of one month. Many clients have reported that they have received four and five figure checks just from investing in this program. People from all over the globe are benefiting from this program. Matt Badiali is the blame this opportunity of helping regular people zero in on the type of cash that can set them straight for a long-time; possibly for the rest of your life.

Freedom Checks has changed the lives of many people in just a short period of time. Matt’s program has turned many average investors with average lives into wealthy people. This chance of a lifetime investment opportunity is not to be missed. The more you invest in this program, the bigger your returns will be. Know more:


Who Is NewsWatch TV, And Why Have They Earned Such Positive Reviews?

Devoted to delivering factual, impartial, and enthralling accounts of the news, NewsWatch TV is a media outlet you can trust. The topics they report on run the gamut from technology trends to entertainment news. Both seasoned and prestigious, NewsWatch TV has won many steadfast advocates and loyal viewers over the years. When NewsWatch TV launched in 1990, this production company likely had no idea they’d be celebrating their 1,000th episode 25 years later. In the time that NewsWatch TV has reported news, stories of public policy, medical breakthroughs, financial calamities, travel opportunities, philanthropic matters, and legal issues have been recounted. These highlights are only a drop in the bucket.

NewsWatch TV earned such a prominent role in their domain that A-list celebrities began appearing on their program. No doubt a tremendous feat, NewsWatch TV was well on their way to becoming a top dog in the media industry. Far more than a star-studded interview network, NewsWatch TV is a dependable news source for upwards of 100 million people. An extensive audience no doubt, NewsWatch TV works diligently to ensure that nothing less than fact-based and reliable information is conveyed.

NewsWatch TV’s commitment to recounting truthful news is in large part why they’ve earned an outpouring of praise from both their partners and viewers. In fact, brands often team up with NewsWatch TV in the hopes of conveying their products to a broad audience, in turn driving sales and converting leads. Avanca, Contour Design, Saygas, and Steelseries are a few companies who’ve partnered alongside NewsWatch TV, and they couldn’t be happier with the results NewsWatch TV delivered. In fact, all four brands commend NewsWatch TV for their keen understanding of the market, profound wisdom, and powerful execution. Above all else, many applaud NewsWatch TV for the tremendous effort they put into their craft.

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Anil Chaturvedi Allow European Companies Invest Wisely in the International Market

Anil Chaturvedi has had an impressive career in the banking world and many banking executives today follow his footsteps to achieve the kind of success he has achieved in his career. At a very young age, Anil Chaturvedi joined the New York’s office of State Bank of India after completing his graduation and masters in business administration. At State Bank of India, Anil Chaturvedi was responsible for business development and marketing. Through the various initiatives that Anil Chaturvedi implemented, the bank was able to generate business of over $500 million in just a few years that he was associated with the State Bank of India. During his time with State Bank of India, Anil Chaturvedi was also named the Man of the Year due to his immense contribution to the growth of the bank’s revenue through his marketing efforts.


Anil Chaturvedi specializes in corporate advisory and helps the organizations manage their wealth in a strategic manner so that there are no regulatory or compliance issues. The government guidelines keep changing from time to time, and it is essential that the organizations are well-aware of the new regulations. If these guidelines are not met, there can be compliance issues with the business operations and can attract huge penalties. Anil Chaturvedi is presently serving as the managing director of Hinduja Bank, one of the prominent private banks in Switzerland. Anil Chaturvedi has helped in generating considering business for Hinduja Bank in a very short period of time and has helped bring many foreign businesses to India via the assistance provided by the bank.


As the Indian trade regulation has softened in the past few years, Anil Chaturvedi is helping spread awareness about it and bring European and American businesses to expand to India. He has been associated with Hinduja Bank for the past six years and is aimed at making the bank one of the leading banks in Switzerland. He has helped many companies expand their business and also helped them develop sound strategies that enable them to grow in the next five to six years consistently. The new rules by the Indian government have also made things much easier for global companies looking to invest in India.

Peter Briger; Propelling Fortress Investment Group to Excellent Service Delivery

Peter Briger; Propelling Fortress Investment Group to Excellent Service Delivery

In business, identifying the potential of the idea is a leading aspect to consider before anything else. For that reason, when you think of starting a business, think about its potential to grow and serve the community. In this article, we shall look at how Peter Briger decided that it was important to join two other like-minded individuals to form Fortress Investment Group.

Background Check

The financial services industry plays a pivotal role in stabilizing a country’s economy. With that said, Fortress Investment Group has been serving clients since 1998. From that moment, the company has been defined as a top-notch services provider of equity investments and hedge fund management. Thanks to its leaders, the company has vastly developed into an admired hedge fund manager.

Founding Fortress Investment Group

When Briger thought of starting this organization with the help of his business associates, he did not preempt the challenges that he would face later in the business. For him, it was all about establishing a company that would help people in making the right decisions in terms of saving money and creating wealth alike. Moreover, he was well versed with the expectations of his clients. Therefore, it was pretty easy for him to access different business models that would allow him to serve his clients in the best possible ways.

How Did He Begin?

Like any other accomplished professional in the industry of finance, Peter Briger has a past. He spent his adult life in the Ivy League Coed where he had big dreams to conquer the career industry and offer it the best he could at that moment. For education, he joined Princeton University followed by the Wharton School of Business where he earned masters of business administration. After school, peter Briger joined Goldman Sachs and served for about fifteen years before making partner. With his vast managerial expertise in the industry, he managed to garner more business ideas that propelled him to establish Fortress Investment Group.

What has he Done for Fortress Investment Group?

Briger’s input at Fortress Investment Group cannot be ignored. First joining the firm and landing an upper-level leadership position, he has managed to guide the staff into catering for client’s needs in accordance to their requirements. Moreover, he has been able to set up a platform that serves clients efficiently. Briger’s accomplishments make him a revered business leader with a lot to offer even as the company’s management shifts to Softbank Group.

Wes Edens; Contributing to the Growth of Fortress Investment Group

Wes Edens; Contributing to the Growth of Fortress Investment Group

Fortress Investment Group was formed by three financial experts who came together to address the growing financial needs of different clients. The company is a highly diversified investment manager that applies deep experience alongside specialized expertise to help clients with investment strategies alongside private equity, liquid markets in additional to traditional asset management. Since its inception, Fortress Investment Management has garnered more than 1,500 institutional investors alongside private clients. The successful leadership of Fortress Investment Group is linked to Wes Edens. He has been the chairman of the company since 2014.

A Look into his Career

Born in 1961, Edens resides in New York and he has been shaping his career around the financial services industry. A graduate from Oregon University, he majored in finance followed by business administration. Other than that, he is well known for being a guru in private investments as well as hedge fund management. It is critical to note that over the years, he has been keen on making sure that he not only flourishes as an individual but also change people’s lives through his career. Edens has therefore extended his skills to serve at Milwaukee Bucks, a famous sports team in America. Besides, he has also served in different companies including being the board of director at Newcastle Investment Corp.


In addition to that, Wes Edens is the principle as well as the co-chairman of Fortress Investment Group. In his capacity as the leader, he has been overseeing the streamlining of different operations in accordance to the requirements of clients. Other than that, he is well versed with the needs of his clients and uses that knowledge to make sure that they are served accordingly.

Additional Information

While shaping his career, Wes Edens has made sure that he handles overall leadership, management as well as coordination especially where financial matters are involved. Throughout his day, he plays vital roles in the development of different useful programs that will in turn build the company. Most fundamentally, Wes Edens has played an integral role in the creation of financial budgets alongside maintaining the excellent operating platforms of Fortress Investment Group.

The Observation

Now that Softbank Group has completed the purchasing deal of Fortress Investment Group, many people have questioned the future of the financial services firm in regards to the services they used to enjoy. Well, from the look of things, the umbrella of leadership will still be maintained because Wes Edens has been asked to retain his leadership position.

Fortress Investment Group: Changes with Ownership Through Time

The Fortress Investment Group is a company that was created by the formers workers of the BlackRock Financial Management Firm. Rob Kauffman, Wesley Edens, and Richard Nardone worked together to think about the business that they would establish. Knowing that there is a rising demand for companies that are offering investment and financial services, they decided to create the Fortress Investment Group in 1998. The company became an instant hit after it was introduced to the public, and they managed to get a lot of investors because of the potential that their company highlighted. The investment and financial firm managed to grow the assets given to them, starting with a few million dollars to over a billion dollars in a few years.The impressive feat resulted in more people investing in the company that they created. More and more people started giving up their money to the company, hoping that it would be managed and invested in the right investment option.

To reach a huge number of audiences, the Fortress Investment Group also had to be offered to the public, and in February 2007, the company debuted at the New York Stock Exchange. Many people decided to buy their shares because they feel that the company would still grow bigger. The founders of the company offered 8% of the company or about $600 million in value to be traded to the public. This move set them to a whole new level, as the investment and financial firm started to be known around the world.The Fortress Investment Group also made a mark in the international scene as one of the top performing companies during the time of recession. Because of their remarkable performance in the field of business and finance, the founders of the company were given recognition.

They also received many awards from different sources because of how they are managing their business. After the recession, the company’s executives decided to expand their operations on a global scale. Three new satellite offices opened – one in New York City, one in Singapore, and one in Shanghai.Through the 2010s decade, the Fortress Investment Group showed their competitors that they could still make it to the top. The company attracted the attention of larger companies and offered to purchase them started to appear one after the other. In 2017, the company’s executives decided to accept one of the proposals from the Softbank Group, wherein a merger would take place, buying the Fortress Investment firm for $3.3 billion.

Michael Hagele As A Reputable Entrepreneur

Michael Hagele is an entrepreneur located in the United States. Having gained his education, he has grown to be a great businessman who is reliable and well-known. Over the years he has used his expertise to help the society grow. He is an entrepreneur who is skilled in the area of distribution, counseling and designing among other areas. His knowledge has paved the way for Michael Hagele to work with many companies especially in the technological companies. The experience has made him get into various commercial agreements to offer his skills for the growth of the companies. Follow Michael on Instagram

The achievements he has have been made into realities by incorporating his ideas, creativity, and knowledge to his work. He gets to do physical activities on a regular basis which gives him the ability to unleash his creativity and enables his mind to be alert. As a result, he gets new ideas and even solutions to the current problems making him do his work effectively when he starts working. The creative virtue has made him work broadly in many different companies.

Michael Hagele is known for his perfect work in general counsel among other things. He has gained trust by many clients as he is reliable and efficient. He believes in the act of putting the customers first as a pillar to growth in any investment. On a daily basis, he ensures he deals with the issues of the customers first even before he embarks on his other business ventures.

Incorporation of social media is also a strategy to make the business grow. For instance, through the social media platform, Michael Hagele gets the opportunity to interact with his clients. It gives him the chance to get their responses, their views on the products and services and also other job opportunities.

In any business, there are ups and downs which require any businessman to be persistent and not to give up. In the case of this investor, he believes in the virtues of determination. In the long run, the virtues have made him prosperous. His perspective on partnership should be based on common interest and ambition to work for written goals. He believes that wrong partnership can lead to business failure and devastation if one is not careful. Therefore, Michael is seen as an investor with experience and has been of impact on the society. Visit:

Shervin Pishevar: Cryptocurrencies in 2018

Shervin Pishevar predicted initial troubles and then continued growth of the Bitcoin blockchain. Cryptocurrencies have relied upon Bitcoin to carry the market into respectability. Many of the reasons for past success are owed to key innovations. However, the future of cryptocurrencies will progress differently. They will need to be more substantial and the crypto market more mature. This is what Shervin Pishevar saw developing.

What Bitcoin means to cryptocurrencies is harder to ascertain today than before the rally at the end of 2017. Several months ago, most of the public had only heard of Bitcoin. Cryptocurrencies, if someone had even heard that word, were a passing fancy. Maybe seen as a hobby or obscure technology that might have valuable applications, but not something that would permeate life. In 2017 Bitcoin was the cryptocurrency market. By 2018, people began looking for the next Bitcoin in a growing pool of new ICOs.

There are many reasons for the past success of cryptocurrencies. However, the market capitalization was highly influenced by new innovations. It happened a few years ago with the introduction of Ethereum and again at the end of 2017. The more recent coinciding with a major fork in the Bitcoin (original) blockchain.

A lot of innovations are being planned by new cryptocurrencies for the end of the second quarter of 2018. EOS might be the most notable but is certainly not the only one. A lot of reputable projects center around the EOS platform. The developers have proven themselves by building one of the most success blockchains today.

The future success of cryptocurrencies will occur in a more mature market. This maturity is part of the reason why Shervin Pishevar mentioned a slow recovery of the Bitcoin price. Success in this type of market will unlikely be because of some high profile cryptocurrency being launched that same month. EOS might be the last of the blockchains to bring overwhelming capital to the cryptocurrency market. The maturity of cryptocurrencies appears to coincide with widespread innovation of digital transactions. This makes Shervin Pishevar’s statements about the economy both on target and early.

Work with Tarantino is Among Lawrence Bender’s Accomplishments

Lawrence Bender has almost 30 years experience in the film industry. Unlike most film producers, Bender has made a name for himself as a behind the scenes guy. Not only is he partially responsible for incredible films like Good Will Hunting and Pulp Fiction, but he is also known for his fundraising activities.

Bender has been awarded 6 Academy Awards for his efforts in the film industry. He has also been recognized for his altruistic deeds – once by the ACLU and once by his former school, The University of Maine. He holds a civil engineering degree from the college, but was also given an honorary degree for his philanthropy.

Lawrence Bender is known for his work with Tarantino, assisting with the production of nearly all of Tarantino’s films. Bender even worked with Tarantino on Inglourious Basterds;however, in recent years, Bender has distanced himself from Tarantino, producing television and Netflix shows instead.

One of the more recent productions from Bender is Seven Seconds. It is a Netflix original series that deals with a tragedy in a small town. A police officer is on his way to the hospital after receiving an emergency call from his wife. He is on the phone trying to find out what happens when he hits a young black boy with his car. First believing the kid is dead, his police officer friends help him cover up the crime, but it is later revealed that the boy is alive. The television show displays the racial tensions of the town following the accident.

One of Lawrence Bender’s most famous films is  Pulp Fiction. It is one of the films that was created in collaboration with Tarantino.  Pulp Fiction is actually a two part movie, but it was filmed in one session. The decision to split the movie in two parts was due to the length of the entire film.

Lawrence Bender has also worked with Tarantino on Reservoir Dogs, Jackie Brown, and many others.

Stream Energy launches Stream Cares for non-profits activities

Stream Energy is a privately held company that majors in providing energy, wireless and home services. The company offers their services in various states. The Dallas-based Stream Energy recently created Stream Care for charity projects.

The Hurricane Harvey released around 56 inches of rains across Houston and its surrounding causing havoc and destruction to the residents. Lives were lost, and other people lost their homes as the government and other philanthropist companies watched helplessly.

But stream energy based in Dallas spent their profits earned from energy sales to assist their very own clients and reduce their financial burden to their recovery. Stream believes in corporate philanthropy. Recently, the company launched Stream Cares foundation which is a non-profit foundation and its meant to formalize the current philanthropy projects in Texas and the country at large. Stream Energy has been supporting charity events for over a decade now.

A corporate organization launching a philanthropy foundation is a new phenomenon and sets a ground for the company to earn reputation and loyalty from the clients by giving back to the society. The company is also known to have a long-lasting relationship with Redcross and Habitat for Humanity by participating in grassroots giving.

Stream Energy pays its business associates to create a network of loyal clients that include; corporates and residential and deliver various services from supplying energy to telemedicine, doctors and mobile phone plans.

Stream associates are much concerned mainly about the homeless. From time to time, the company traces the number of people who are homeless in Dallas and try to reduce the number through Dallas-based Hope Supply Co. Stream Energy and its associate’s partners with the Hope Supply Co. to play a significant role in mitigating the Dallas homeless problem.

Annual Splash for Hope is an event that brings together homeless children in Dallas to a water park; this presents the stream leadership and employees with an opportunity to offer various products to the kids. Hope Supply Co. usually provides food, clothes, and school necessities to the homeless. The company has participated in the event for more than four years now. The company is well-known for its giving, and it’s remembered that in 2016, Stream joined hands in aiding Texas tornado victims.