Arthur Becker, Investor in Bio-Technology, Information Technology and Real Estate

Zinio’s Chairman and CEO, Arthur Becker, has a background in different management application services and technology. Previously, Arthur served Vera Wang and NaviSite for a number of years. His secret to how he stays ahead of others has finally been unveiled through an interview with inspirery.

Arthur Becker’s Secret to Success

Arthur Becker not only invests in residential developments but he develops townhouses for a variety of individuals. Becker’s idea is to renovate or flip these townhouses into masterpieces and either lease or sell them. He has developed his business in real estate to Florida and New York among other parts of the world.

Arthur Becker says that working with Vera Wang’s company assisted him in coming up with his idea in real estate. He attributes the success of his company, Madison Partners, a real estate company he started in 2011 to his ex-wife Vera Wang whose company taught him a lot about fashion and design.

Arthur Beckers Professional Background

Arthur Becker holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree from Bennington College. He kicked off his career at NaviSite where he worked from 2002 until 2008. At NaviSite, he served as the Chief Executive Officer and also a member of the Board of the company. NaviSite is a leading spectrum enterprise that provides services such as cloud-based hosting, data centers, customized solutions, cloud infrastructure, and application management services.

According to Huffington Post, Mr. Becker has served as an adviser of Vera Wang for about seven years for the famous fashion company and has privately invested in real estate and technology since Time Warner bought NaviSite in 2011. Arthur has been acting Managing Director for Madison Technology Group for over 16 years and Managing Member for Atlantic Investors for over 15 years.

Becker joined Zinio as CEO and Chairman in June 2012. Zinio LLC is the first of its kind; the largest digital newsstand with more than 24 million downloads by online readers through their tablets, phones, and PC so far. It was rated “Best iOS and Android app of 2012” as well as “Best App Ever for iOS.”

With the amount of information about this inspiring businessman, it is easy to incorporate ideas learned from Arthur Becker to one’s own business to become successful in business. More details can be found on Ideamensch.

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Jason Hope Helps Plan the Future

When people think about the future and what it holds when it comes to daily life, they often think about the technology of smart phones and similar devices. The idea that our cell phones will be able to control things like alarm clocks and light switches are not far off from reality. The Internet of Things is a notion that anything embedded with electronics, sensors, and software will be able to connect and exchange data. Jason Hope, entrepreneur and future enthusiast, is a strong believer in such ideas. He believes that The Internet of Things has the capability to transform daily life by doing things like syncing in real time with vehicles, give better traffic updates, and even control aspects of our home and to know more click here.

Jason Hope is an native Arizonan entrepreneur who’s main specialty lies in the field of technology. People often rely on him to predict future trends in this area because he sees prospects when others do not. He received his degree in finance as well as an MBA from Arizona State University. After graduating, Jason Hope started up a mobile communications company but now focuses more on giving back to the community.

An example of Hope’s philanthropy can be seen with the SENS Foundation. This foundation focuses on anti aging, not just for looks but to create a better quality of life for individuals all across the world. The main component that sets this foundation apart from many other medical researchers, is that they take a preventative approach. Unlike many other medical professionals who look for cures, instead of the root cause. Jason Hope has a personal connection and desire to help people through the research done with the SENS foundation. He has already donated over half a million dollars in research funding in order to create a new lab in Cambridge where actual testing can be done. The contributions made with SENS are one of many that he has done throughout the past few years and he has no plans to stop any time soon.


Karl Heideck Litigation Prowess Unveiled

     Litigation is the legal process of solving disputes which arise in the process of commercial transactions. Companies or individuals may not agree on a number of issues as they transact business. Therefore, a legal professional called a litigator, takes up the role of resolving disputes. The issues where disputes can arise include mergers and acquisitions, fraud, contracts terms and conditions, competition and business restructuring problems.

A litigation process will go through the following process. First, the plaintiff will file a complaint. In the second phase, the pleadings, which encompass all the legal documents to be used in court, will be presented. The process then moves to discovery and then to settlement conferences. In the end, the trial will be held and an appeal will be launched if necessary.

Litigator Educational Requirements

When one is becoming a litigator it is important to have a certain level of education qualifications. The first is obtaining a Bachelor Degree which is a requirement for admission into law school. The next step is to take The Law School Admission Test (LSAT). Once a person has qualified in the LSAT, they can then proceed to earning a Juris Doctor (J.D) Degree. It is also a requirement to pass the Exam Bar and later gain job experience.

Karl Heideck Litigation Work

Karl Heideck is a highly skilled legal professional with exceptional skills in resolving disputes. He also handles compliance and risk management. As a litigator, Karl Heideck currently works at Gran &Eisenhofer in Philadelphia. He is a contract attorney who deals with complex security fraud and other litigation cases in the banking sector. Previously in 2010, Karl Heideck worked at Pepper Hamilton LLP as a project attorney whose work was to review facts about deposition or trial preparation and discovery.

Over the years, Karl Heideck has gained skills in legal research, corporate law, litigation and commercial litigation. He also is also an expert in legal writing, employment and teachings. He has also been an associate serving at Conrad O’Brien in 2010. He represented clients in tough and commercial litigation cases. He filed pleadings and reviewed and analyzed documents. Karl Heideck, as a professional litigator also participated in the process of settlements during negotiations.

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Eric Lefkofsky – Serial Entrepreneur with Focus on Innovation and Technology

Eric Lefkofsky is the name to reckon with in the field of innovation and technology. Currently, he serves as the chairman of Groupon Inc, a firm he co-founded and is on the board of many other companies that he founded, such as Lightbank Investments, MediaOcean, Echo Global Logistics, Tempus Inc, and Innerworkings. Eric Lefkofsky is also a well-known philanthropist in the United States and has his foundation by the name of Lefkofsky Family Foundation, which he runs along with his wife, Liz Lekfkofsky.Lefkofsky Family Foundation aims at developing and implementing high impact initiatives in the field of education, healthcare, and community welfare. The foundation also donates generously in the area of medical research. Eric Lefkofsky completed his graduation from the University of Michigan and went on to receive Juris Doctor Degree from the same university.

Tempus is one of the most recent ventures of Eric Lefkofsky that deals in aggregating data collected from various medical centers and hospitals for cancer research. Eric Lefkofsky doesn’t belong to the medical field, but he realized that there is a dire need for the use of advanced database management system in the field of medical and cancer research, which can be of immense help to the research scholars and the physicians.Tempus Inc by providing accurate and reliable data and statistics on the clinical and patient outcome results would help the doctors understand why some treatment is effective in some patients, and not on others. Moreover, Tempus Inc correlates the genomic data to ensure that the results put together by technologically are not practically usable as well, and can help make visible progress in the field of cancer research and developing more efficient cancer therapies.

Eric Lefkofsky is also known for his best-selling book named Accelerated Disruption. The book talks about how it is important for the major companies to continue to focus on innovation and going for a makeover in the age of technology. Eric emphasizes on innovation to ensure that the businesses that have been changed maker in the industry do not get overwhelmed by start-ups that aim to change the whole dynamics of how the industry operates. There are times when the start-ups have come with a new idea and innovative technologies, which have completely shape-shifted the entire industry, and it is the reason why companies must focus on continually innovating their products, services, and business machinery.

The Impact of George Soros’ Charity Work

George Soros is a wealthy businessman who has made a fortune from the finance sector. He is currently based in the United States and is recognized for his tremendous philanthropic contributions. Soros has managed to donate more than $12 billion dollars to charity activities across the globe. He is also highly knowledgeable in finance and has supported businesses by enabling them to generate capital. The philanthropist has also committed himself to making sure that people from low-income backgrounds can access a decent education. In 1979, he participated in the empowerment of South African youth by creating a fund that sponsored them to study abroad. The black young men and women became educated, and they were able to liberate their nation from the harsh apartheid rule, which discriminated them.

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Soros was born and bred in Hungary. When he was growing up, the country did not have sufficient resources to support the needs of its rising population, and this led to the establishment of the Nazi Occupation by the native Hungarians. The Nazi Occupation was a harsh movement that was determined to get rid of all the native Jews who were based in Hungary. They conducted different operations that oppressed the Jewish community to the extent that they could not even establish a successful business. Most people feared the Nazi Occupations since it has significantly destabilized the country. It was hard for George Soros to take care of his family, and he even had to forge Hungarian identities for them so that they could evade the oppression.

The billionaire spent three years working for an organization that was owned by the Hungarian government after completing high school. His life changed when he got a chance to relocate to the United Kingdom. Soros settled in London, and a local railway station hired him as an attendant. He saved the little money he was got from the job until it was enough to pay for his tuition fees at the London School of Business. George managed to graduate from the institution with the highest honors. He was then offered a position at a local company but rejected it. Soros moved to the United States, and he was hired by a New York-based hedge fund company. Know more on about George Soros.

George Soros has been participating in the United States and global politics. He believes that all countries should establish robust policies that support transparency in governments. The philanthropist founded Open Society Foundation, which he has been using to carry out his charity activities and expressing ideologies. The organization has been making sure that governments offer justice and are accountable to their citizens. Soros is a benefactor of the Democratic Party. He donated a lot of money to fund the campaign of Hillary Clinton in 2016. Know more on CNBC about George Soros.

Beverly Hills Auto Group is Your Dependable Dealership

If you’ve always wanted to own a BMW, but a budget has to be kept, you should consider buying used. It will save you loads of money and you actually end up with a much better deal in the long run. You will know exactly what you will be getting and you can even get a nice used BMW ( with extras like tinted windows, and heated seats.


Beverly Hills Auto Group is all about you. Beverly Hills Auto Group strives to give you the best customer service possible and will not resort to pushy sales tactics to get you to buy something that you don’t even want. Beverly Hills Auto Group will get you financed and will even take your trade-in at a fair price. The vehicles at Beverly Hills Auto group will pass any inspection and you can even bring in your own mechanic to check things out for yourself.


Chris Burch’s Nihiwatu Is Voted The Best Hotel Worldwide

Chris Burch is a renowned investor who has made a name for himself in the retailing industry. The fashion mogul is known for his successful retail brands, including Tory Burch. In 2012, the entrepreneur ventured in the hospitality industry investing in a five-star hotel, Nihiwatu. After being in business for one year, Travel + Leisure voted Nihiwatu the best hotel worldwide in 2016. Speaking to Business Jet Traveler, Chris said that the superior performance of Nihiwatu exceeded his expectations. He bought the property as a treasure for his children and intends to preserve it as a way of giving back to the community.

Chris Burch partnered with hotelier, James McBride, to buy the beach hostel in the Island of Sumba in Indonesia. They invested $30 million towards the rehabilitation of the facility, which they launched in 2015 as Nihiwatu. The resort has 27 private Villas, including Chris’ private home, each with plunge pools. The entity has also embraced the Sumbanese culture on its décor. Nihiwatu has an outdoor and indoor entertainment area, a wellness center for yoga sessions, and other fun activities like surfing, field excursions and horse riding. It has become the largest source of employment to the locals. Check this on  In addition, Burch distributes a portion of the hotel’s profits to the community.

About Chris Burch

Over the years, Chris Burch has invested in different industries through his corporation, Burch Creative Capital. He serves as the CEO of the corporation. Some of the notable ventures that are affiliated with Chris are Jawbone, Faena + Universe, Poppin, and Voss Water.  More of this on   Burch ventured into entrepreneurship in 1976 while he was still in college. He partnered with his brother to establish Eagle’s Eye apparel. They enhanced the growth of the company to have an asset base of $165 million before selling it to Swire Group. Burch is regarded as one of the pioneer investors in the Internet Capital Group, a popular IPO story online. Notably, he focuses on innovation and implementation of set goals to achieve success in his investments.

Chris Burch has demonstrated continuous authority in the field of investment. He combines customer understanding, market trends, and superior sourcing to come up with innovative products and services. He has also invested in the development of real estate projects, including luxury properties in Palm Beach, Southampton, Nantucket, New York and Florida. He is the brain behind C. Wonder, an apparel, home décor, and accessories retailer. C. Wonder collaborated with Ellen DeGeneres to establish ED. Some of the other notable brands that are affiliated with Burch are Cocoon9, TRADEMARK, Bur+Mah, Blibk Health, Baublebar, Chubbies, Little Duck Organics, Brad’s Raw Foods and Soludos. Hop over to for more reading.

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Anthony Petrello And His Persistent Achievements

Nabors Industries is trending upward in energy points and overall customer satisfaction ratings. Recently they have undergone a strategic transformation in leadership replacing CEO Gene Isenberg. Anthony Petrello which is the COO of the company has carried out these changes in hope of a better future for the company and its clients. However, there has also been other changes announced like sale of the company’s Gulf of Mexico offshore rig business and sale of the Canadian aircraft and Well Servicing. business.

Recent comments from Petrello encouraged long-term contracts to both its customers and Nabors. The contracts are growing in the onshore drilling department and providing suppliers and customers a more confident and consistent investment in their assets. Nabors continue to strive and believe in the growth of international markets. Anthony Petrello, the president and CEO of Nabors Industries, helps assist areas including the Far East, Middle East, North America, and Africa. The organization provides riggs and equipment to offshore and onshore platforms.

The business has over twenty nine Marine vessels and produces top drilling systems and equipment. Since the year of 2006, the business has owned over 600 Well Servicing and land workover type of rigs within the United States and in Canada over 190 rigs.

Anthony G. Petrello has served the organization as the company’s CEO since October of 2011. He has served as the president since 1992 and is well-known for the Law Firm Baker & McKenzie where he became the firm’s managing partner. In 2012, he became chairman of the board for Nabors Industries and has a Harvard Law School background. Petrello is a determined leader who has shown his expertise in his history in achievements.


How Our Jail Uses Securus Technologies to Keep Everyone Safe

The inside of a jail is perhaps one of the most dangerous places you could ever find yourself being. It doesn’t matter if you are an inmate, corrections officer, or a visitor, you take your life in your hands each day because there simply are people who will stop at nothing to hurt others when they can. My job in the prison is to make it safer for all, and I have a few resources that make this possible.


We have a state-of-the-art scanning system in our jails that all visitors must walk through. If we suspect they are bringing in any type of contraband, we can take things to physical searches too. That being said, many of these visitors will risk going to jail just to be able to smuggle in something the inmates can make use of, whether they were ordered to do so or not is another story.


The we have the surprise cell inspections too that help up to locate things like cellphones, drugs, and weapons. This practice helps us to limit the contraband, but we have one other resource that trumps them all.


Our dated inmate phone system was recently updated by Securus Technologies, and the new LBS software gives us a unique edge over inmates looking to try and hurt others. If you listen to the CEO of Securus Technologies, Richard Smith, he will tell you that his Dallas based company and all 1,000 employees are working hard to make the world safer for all, and we can attest to that.


There have been a number of times this month already that the new inmate phone system has detected when inmates were talking about how weapons were getting into the jail, which gangs were responsible for getting the weapons, and where they were hidden once they were smuggled inside.