Richard Dwayne Blair and Wealth Solutions Help Clients Successfully Retire

The pursuit of financial goals has helped Richard Dwayne Blair build a notable career as a top-notch financial planner. He has an enthusiasm for helping others attain a good financial destiny based on solid investing principles. His forte is in retirement planning and wealth management in which he excels and has deep experience. Wealth Solutions is the company he founded in 1994 in the greater Austin, Tx. area.

Blair has become an expert in helping his clients perfect financial plans that are unique to their particular situation. He has boiled down his methods into a Three Pillar approach which helps his clients hone in on the most relevant personal finance principles. The end result is a comprehensive plan that takes into account life’s various milestones.

A financial roadmap marks out a clear path for his clients and it is based on their personal characteristics and goals. This is the First Pillar and some of its ingredients are assessing a customer’s risk tolerance, needs for liquidity, and exploring the best opportunities for growth. This phase also gives Richard Dwayne Blair the chance to build a lasting relationship with his clients. The establishment of clear expectations is also a part of this.

An expert’s view on long-term investing is something that Blair brings to the table and this makes up the Second Pillar. An effective strategy is fundamental to building quality portfolios and finding long-term success. An active management style helps Blair keep his customers invested correctly under varying market conditions. The maximization of gains when market conditions are good set him apart from ordinary financial planners.

The Third Pillar is composed of implementing carefully crafted plans and monitoring their progress. Tracking and comparing portfolio performance to model goals and historical market data is a part of this process as well as client expectations.

Richard Dwayne Blair has been powerfully influenced by the teachers in his family. His passion is to teach sound wealth management principles to his clients and so honor his relatives.

Blair is community minded and enjoys helping individuals, small business owners, and families achieve greater financial stability with his services. Successful retirements are something that he strives to help his clients accomplish.


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