Skout App One Of The Best Free Apps

The mobile social network Skout is a great place to meet friends, check out photographs and just have fun with people all around the U.S. The Skout app was launched in 2007 by developer Christian Wicklund. It took off like wildfire and today, it’s one of the most popular and downloaded apps.

The Skout site consists a a grid of “Brady Bunch” screens, and just one tap will bring up the profile of the pic you select. If you find the person interesting, you can do other things like send them a wink, engage in chat or even send them virtual gifts. Skout also gives the user the opportunity to block or report users they find offensive or annoying.

There are other useful ways to browse the network such a opening a drawer and following the feeds of friends and family members. You can acrue points to get more visibilty with the “Look At Me” function. Most users love Skout because of its ease and fascinating features. Skout is quietly moving up the board as one of the best free Apps.

Skout tries to keep the App as wholesome as possible. This is why bathroom selfies are now banned. In the last few months, many people — even stars like Geraldo Rivera, Nikki Minaj and Mylie Cyrus — have loaded scantily clad shots. Skout ain’t having it. So to the individuals who wish to show shower shots, toilet pics or stuff folks plain just don’t want to see, don’t waste your time. It will not get approved.

People on vacations are using Skout to connect with people in different cities. Although it was initially created as strictly a means to connect with people, the travel feature has changed all that. This feature was introduced last year, and it has take off like a rocket. Over 10 million have used it for things like driving directions, where to find a good restaurant, places to say or fun spots. “People want information when they are traveling, and Skout helps people find what they need,” says Skout spokeswoman Audrey Shidevy.

The Skout App is compatible with all Smartphones and most other platforms. Creator Christian Wicklund is very please of how Skout has come along over the last few years. “The App is fulfilling its purpose,” says Wicklund. “People are making friends and connecting with mostly good people.” The App is most commonly used by young adults from the age of 18-30. “We also have quite a few older people who use the app as well, especially the travel feature,” says Wicklund. More features will be available throughout 2016, according to Wicklund.

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