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Work with Tarantino is Among Lawrence Bender’s Accomplishments

Lawrence Bender has almost 30 years experience in the film industry. Unlike most film producers, Bender has made a name for himself as a behind the scenes guy. Not only is he partially responsible for incredible films like Good Will Hunting and Pulp Fiction, but he is also known for his fundraising activities.

Bender has been awarded 6 Academy Awards for his efforts in the film industry. He has also been recognized for his altruistic deeds – once by the ACLU and once by his former school, The University of Maine. He holds a civil engineering degree from the college, but was also given an honorary degree for his philanthropy.

Lawrence Bender is known for his work with Tarantino, assisting with the production of nearly all of Tarantino’s films. Bender even worked with Tarantino on Inglourious Basterds;however, in recent years, Bender has distanced himself from Tarantino, producing television and Netflix shows instead.

One of the more recent productions from Bender is Seven Seconds. It is a Netflix original series that deals with a tragedy in a small town. A police officer is on his way to the hospital after receiving an emergency call from his wife. He is on the phone trying to find out what happens when he hits a young black boy with his car. First believing the kid is dead, his police officer friends help him cover up the crime, but it is later revealed that the boy is alive. The television show displays the racial tensions of the town following the accident.

One of Lawrence Bender’s most famous films is  Pulp Fiction. It is one of the films that was created in collaboration with Tarantino.  Pulp Fiction is actually a two part movie, but it was filmed in one session. The decision to split the movie in two parts was due to the length of the entire film.

Lawrence Bender has also worked with Tarantino on Reservoir Dogs, Jackie Brown, and many others.