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Paul Mampilly And His Profits Unlimited Newsletter

Paul Mampilly is the author of the Profits Umlimited newsletter, and he is an excellent investment advisor. He has given investors information that helps them profit from a number of investment strategies. This article lays out why Paul is so good at what he does.

His Work At Banyan Hill

Paul Mampilly is a senior editor at Banyan Hill Publishing where he has created the Profits Unlimited newsletter. The Profits Unlimited newsletter is an incredible wealth of information that comes out regularly from the publishing house. Paul is plugged into the investment world, and he knows how to make investments easier for experts or novices.

What Sort Of Advice Does He Give?

Paul does not give specific stock advice because he does not wish to advertise for any one stock or company. He prefers to give general advice that helps his readers make wise decisions. Someone who wishes to invest their money well may find that what Paul Mampilly says points them in the right direction. He wants to give general tips, and he often responds to reader questions.


The popularity of the Profits Unlimited newsletter has grown over time. Paul has 90,000 subscribers to his newsletter, and he is reaching them all every month with the information that he has collected. He has learned how to aid people with investments, and he knows how simple it is for someone to read the newsletter to learn what they must do next.

Learning On The Job

Paul respects people who learn on the job, and he believes that they may learn quite a lot without going to school. There are many people who believe that they must begin investing, and they see that they may make wiser decisions based on what he has told them. Paul Mampilly is leading a revolution in investing that helps people become independent.

The Profits Unlimited newsletter from Paul Mampilly is a wonderful way for someone to learn about investing, and they may subscribe at any time. His writing has become a feature for Banyan Hill Publishing where he is now their investment expert and senior editor.

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