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Sussex Healthcare employs a new CEO

Sussex Healthcare, a facility that provides health services in England has a new CEO who will lead development in the company. The new CEO is known as Amanda Morgan-Taylor. She officially took over duties in the company towards the beginning of the year. His contribution to the growth of this company is expected to be great since he brings with her experience of over three decades in the healthcare business. She was formally appointed to office towards the end last year, but she decided to take time first to learn more about the company. By the time, she was taking over the operations in the company, everything was set, and it was just about a matter of implementing the things which she found out necessary to.

One of the decisions she came up with was to liaise with the management order to establish a new office of new Director of Quality, Compliance and Service Improvement. This is an office that would help maintain the service delivery in the facility. Sussex Healthcare normally takes care of people with special needs. It was initially started as a center for helping the elderly, but over time, it has expanded its operations to include service delivery in other areas. You will find people with neurological disorders in this facility.

Sussex Healthcare has a good reputation for offering great service to the residents in their facility. The health company has established 20 homes so far for better service delivery. The facility can take up to 600 residents at a given time. The facility sees a high number of people coming to seek services because of the good reputation it has. You will find that most of the time, the company is creating more space in order to accommodate all the people who seek services in the facility.

Sussex Healthcare under the leadership of Amanda Morgan-Taylor is expected to record better results since she brings new ideas which will increase public confidence further. Her experience will come in handy in growing the facility and bringing even more residents here. Amanda Morgan Taylor has been in the industry since 1984 when he got a job as a mental nurse.

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