Upwork Makes Earning Online Easier

Clients on Upwork can interview and hire freelancers in various sectors from across the globe on its online platform. With over 15 Million users across 180 countries and with a freelancer billing of $1 billion annually, Upwork is the largest freelancer market. Based in California, the company is set to file an IPO (Initial Public Offering.) The company rebranded in 2015 after the merger of Elance, founded 1999, and oDesk, founded 2003. A virtual profile serves as a résumé, and without one it is impossible to get work. Honesty is paramount when filling out what you are skilled in and level of expertise. Failure to deliver on a project you accepted could lead to blacklisting or account closure.

Upwork is a crowd-sourcing platform that has eased the logistics between client and professional. With 3 million jobs posted annually, the site also runs a blog that lets people write on various subjects. These articles touch on everyday issues and are written by people with experience and recently to-do lists were on the agenda. It might sound a little petty, but this list does more than manage your time.

No matter how busy one is, an incomplete task with weigh down your mind casing stress and you even lose focus of the task you are already handling. This is scientifically true and is known as the Zeigernik Effect; therefore a to-do list will help enhance your concentration while saving you time, more haste, less speed. By writing down all our tasks on a to-do list, you give your mind freedom from holding on to it thus your attention can be used fully for the current task.

When setting priorities, we always assume that the most urgent should be at the top; this is not always the truth. When setting priorities, do not look at just the deadlines, the timing of a task can make a world of difference, know which task is suited to what time of day. Lastly, do not create your to-do list in the morning, which should be used to tackle the most important task, to-do lists should be made the evening before.

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