Whitney Wolfe Has Become The Queen Bee

Whitney Wolfe, a graduate of International Studies, is known for her admirable work, whether it be selling charitable handbags, or creating one of the biggest dating apps in the world of technology. Correction: Whitney Wolfe has created numerous top-rated dating and relationship apps. In fact, Whitney Wolfe has been named one of the top 30 women under the age of 30, so clearly her ideas are amazing. Beginning with Tinder, Whitney Wolfe showed off her talent for creating relationship matches.

However, Whitney Wolfe knew she could make something even more buzz-worthy. Specifically, Whitney Wolfe created a female-driven dating app, where the woman in the match was able to (as well as required to) make the first move. Bumble became a hit, but Whitney Wolfe was not finished. While studying technology and its many usages, Wolfe realized that romantic partners weren’t the only thing being sought online; people also wanted to make matches for friendships. With this in mind, Whitney created Bumble BFF. Similar to Bumble, this app allows people to create matches from the comfort of their mobile devices. Both friendship and romantic matches were rising from Whitney Wolfe’s Bumble creations, which inspired her most recent project.

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Whitney Wolfe’s latest success is known as the Hive. This bee-inspired (yet very modern) hangout area had an intended use for Bumble match meet-ups. Although, Whitney Wolfe, an educated woman of many strengths and talents, wanted the Hive to be a place of empowerment. The Hive, which is located in New York, has plans of hosting educational courses and business seminars. Of course, tips on dating and relationships will also be presented. A special guest appearance from DryBar will be made, as they will have styling sessions available on a specified date. Great hair, knowledge, and a beautiful yellow hangout spot…how could it get any better? Let’s cross our fingers that Whitney Wolfe and her squad of bees has plans of expanding the Hive, as each state truly deserves such an amazing, innovative, and social experience. Cheers to Bumble and all the friendships and relationships that is has people buzzing (and celebrating) about!

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