Whitney Wolfe Must Defend Bumble From Tinder’s Lawsuit

Whitney Wolfe is the CEO of Bumble which is a female orientated dating site. This site has about 28 million users and it is the only app where women make the first move. That’s right fellas, you can’t just walk up and talk to a pretty girl on this app. You have to hope that she decides to pick you. This novel approach is what separates Bumble from other dating sites.

However, Bumble has some basic features and mechanics that are similar to other dating sites. As a matter of fact, Tinder is stating that Whitney Wolfe and her company stole some of their patented dating technology. That is the basis of their lawsuit against Herd’s company.

Whitney Wolfe used to be a member of the Tinder dating site as their co-founder. She was around when the site was first started, and she did her part to help get the site up and running. Eventually, she had to leave Tinder because she was apparently being marginalized because of her gender status. She was also sexually harassed while on the job. She had won a previous lawsuit against Tinder as the result of sexual harassment and gender discrimination.

Keep in mind that Bumble is not just a company that promotes online dating. This company is a strong supporter of women’s rights and gender equality. They are linked with various social movements such as the #MeTooMovement and they have linked themselves with the March for Our Lives Protests which stood out against gun violence. As a matter of fact, Whitney Wolfe stopped allowing most users to post pictures with weapons on her site.

Tinder wanted Whitney Wolfe to sell her company to them for $450 million dollars. Whitney Wolfe “swiped left” to this offer because she did not want to sell out her organization. Tinder is now suing her for adopting their patented technology to use on her site. As CEO, Whitney Wolfe states that she did not steal features and site mechanics from Tinder. The two online dating companies are now locked in court battle to determine if Bumble will have to change their site’s format or if Tinder will finally leave Bumble alone. Wolfe, is expecting that the case will be won in her favor and that Bumble will emerge victorious.

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