Who Breaks The Rules? Doe Deere Does

If you follow unique fashion and culture, you are almost sure to have heard of Doe Deere. This individual is someone who has worked as a fashion blogger and who now owns her own new makeup line. This line, like her, is dedicated to the unique choices that people who are true individuals make. This is something that Doe Deere holds near and dear to her heart. She has chosen some of her favorite fashion rules and is now breaking them because she likes to be an individual and not follow rules that were set by someone she doesn’t even know.

Dressing your age is a rule that needs to be abolished according to Doe Deere. She believes that you do not need to dress your age, no matter what age you are. By wearing what you like, you will be able to have much more confidence in yourself which is always better than looking like you belong in a group of people who are dressed boringly the same. By making the right choices for your confidence instead of your age, you are giving yourself the boost that you need to look great no matter what you are doing or how old you are.

Bold colors can be tricky according to fashion rules, but Doe Deere knows that you can break these color rules any time that you want. By choosing colors that you love, you may end up with a few more than traditional standards of how many colors you should be wearing. You can make the best choice for your clothing colors by only choosing colors that you like. When you break this rule like Deere does, you can wear however many colors you feel like, no matter where you are going or what you are doing.

Getting dressed up in a certain way for a simple occasion? That’s ridiculous and Doe Deere knows it. She wants you to know that you can dress how you want for any occasion. Going to the grocery store and want to wear an evening dress? Break it out and rock the confidence that comes with not caring what people will think about you. While it may not be a great idea to rock your pajamas to that evening cocktail party, feel free to branch out and try other options. Maybe a pantsuit if you’re a girl. Maybe a frilly ensemble if you’re a man.

By breaking fashion rules, Doe Deere has created a following for herself and for others who also do not subscribe to the standards that were set by people she may not ever even have the opportunity of meeting. She knows that the fashion rules are meant to be only a guideline, but some people take them as the bible. She also knows that she can make her own choices when it comes to fashion and that she will only be able to make the choices that she likes if she pays no mind to some fashion rules.

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